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Introducing our Sav-T-Lites!
The ultimate lighting accessory for the worker, runner, jogger, biker, camper, or geeky cool connoisseur!

Sav-T-Lites are a lightweight, easy to use lighting system... there's no bulky bulbs strapped to your head, or something that ties up your hands. This is a lightweight and stylish must-have accessory that just clips on to your favorite cap! Perfect for camping trips, riding your bike, working on your car or in any situation where you need a hands-free light! I use it for loading wood at night for my woodstove!

Sav-T-Lites are powered by 2 lithium coin cell batteries (yes they are included!) for approximately 48 hours of continuous ULTRA BRIGHT light! Featuring a handy on/off switch and two modes... Steady On, and Blinking... perfect for attracting attention on the road, in the bush, or on the rave dance floor. :-)

"There are five lights!"
Captain Picard couldn't have said it better! Each Sav-T-Lite has five powerful LED lights to blaze the trail ahead of you!

And it's only $14.95! Even cooler, you can add a Sav-T-Lite to one of our caps for just $12.95! Just add it to your cart when you purchase a Geek Culture cap!

Order yours now, and pick a couple up for your pals. You're going to thank me next time you need to shed some light on the situation!

Sav-T-Lite rocks
Cap is not included of course...
but you can pick up a cap over at our caps page!

Order your Sav-T-Lite now!
Includes 2 lithum batteries!

Add a button? Only 99 cents!

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White stripe Beanie

Button Beanie!

Boarder Beanie!

MultiColored Caps!
Hip caps for cool geeks! In two color schemes!
Flame cap
Flame Caps!
Wow, these are hot!

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