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You'll be noticed ...even in the dark!
Be the envy of an entire dark room, since this cool shirt glows in the dark! No, you are not seeing things, it is an Alien wearing a propellor beanie. Do not ask why, just accept that he is from an advanced race of beings!

These shirts are classics from the early years of Geek Culture... designed and implimented before Nitrozac and Snaggy had even dreamed of the comics After-Y2K and The Joy of Tech, while geekculture.com was still an infant, known only to a few lucky surfers. Now's your chance to own a piece of history before this shirt enters the history books. :)

Alas, we are sold out of our Glow in the Darks!!! But don't despair, black shirts and shirts of many colors are now available at our Spreadshirt stores! You can even create your own combination of shirt color and design!

If you live in Europe, you can shop via our European Store.
(Select the Flex print colors... and you will find glow in the dark.)

If you live in North America, shop via our USA store!
(Select the Specialty Flex print colors... and you will find glow in the dark.)

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Just some of the cool designs we have over at our CafePress store!

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