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The iProp!
Head of the Company!Introducing the iProp beanie!
You've outfitted your iPod, now outfit yourself! Take one of our gorgeous new iProp beanies for a spin!

We here at GeekCulture continue to define the perfect propeller beanie. Fashionably cool and incredibly hip, our caps aren't like those goofy joke ones you'll feel like a nerd wearing. These are the Macs of propeller caps, ...quality beanies for seriously fashion-conscious geeks!

The iProp is a gorgeous, high quality, soft rib knit cap, built with the care and attention to detail you're accustomed to finding in other fine digital lifestyle products. It's made of 100% acrylic (non-itching), and features lusciously-white "pearl" beads, and a heavy-duty propeller. Available with or without a propeller, and you can wear it with the rim rolled up or rolled down!

black iProp!NEW! Now also available in black! It's the same the same gorgeous high quality, soft rib knit cap, only in luscious black!

The iProp is only $10.95, or just $18.95 with a propeller. Even cooler, you can double or triple up the propellers for only 4.99 each), and choose different colors of propellers, or our new 3-blade props!!

The iProp... your buds' best friend!

iProp beanie
The ultimate accessory for the iPod connoisseur!

Order yours now!
Which style?

Would you like a 2nd propeller?

Would you like a 3rd propeller?

Add a button? Only 99 cents!

Now with multiple and colored, and with the option of removable, Propellers!

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MultiColored Caps!
Hip caps for cool geeks! In two color schemes!
Flame cap
Flame Caps!
Wow, these are hot!
Leather Cap!
The Sexiest propeller cap on the planet!

Each of our propeller beanies is custom built by a certified Geek Culture propeller cap technician, using top quality caps and materials, including heavy-duty propellers. Most have an adjustable strap so they fit just great on any brainaic! Oh, and these propellers aren't just floppy facsimiles... they are actual propellers... heavy duty plastic, the same ones as used on real flying RC aircraft! Very nice touch indeed! (Because each cap is custom made, please allow our technicians a day or so to complete their handicraft before the cap is shipped.)

Dual Prop-cessors!And now we are pleased to announce a Propeller Beanie Technological Breakthrough! Our experienced Beanie Technicians are now able to attach a secondary propellor to our beanies! That's right, dual propellers on a beanie! The implications will make your head spin!

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We also offer custom beanies! Order cool propellor caps with your company logo on them. They make amazing trade show give-aways, great gifts, prizes, or awards for your invaluable geeky employees. Please see our corporate page for details!

The propeller cap has never been ... well, just so darn cool! So take one out for a spin and wear it with Geek Pride!

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