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The finest in amateur hardware, submitted by geeks around the internet, for your viewing pleasure.

Submission #1: My boyfriend's joystick!
My boyfriend loves his joystick!

ride 'em cowboy

Submission #2: EtherNet Connection!
I just love my new RJ-45 ethernet connector!

plug it in, plug it in

Submission #3: RAM!
I just put a Ram chip in my PowerMac! It was easy, just opened it up and snapped it in!

ramming it in, over and over

Submission #4: Turned ON!
I get "turned on" by my ATX Power Supply. The churn of my hard drive and the spin of the fans every time I turn on my system make me fall in love all over again.
submitted via oh-so-erotic email by Andrew K.!

uplifting isn't it?


What a romantic thought,... and what a sexy connector! Thanks for sharing such a tender moment with all of us!

Submission #5: S and Monitor!
My monitor likes it rough...--submitted via erotic attachment by DAVE (AGE 20)!

oh baby, beat my cathrode ray tube!

Thank you for sharing such a kinky moment!

Submission #6: For the Alternative crowd!
Writes Kurt...
"It's not hardware, and yeah, it's for fetishists only. but, without fail, watching this I get all hot and bothered. I know others feel like I do. Do you cater to the extremist geeks?"

penguin power!


Of course we do!I I have to admit, I only now just realized that the penguin is naked! Thanks Kurt!

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