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Earth on a bad hair day

Jaded Chaos - a fresh new webcomic from Dev and Kayzi, following the exploits of a group of geeky girls, and the adventures or disasters which they encounter. Magneto Doodles is fun too. :)

GeekWomyn - Beginner or guru, this site provides the resources necessary to help you create your own presence on the web!

Childishthings: Star's neat site celebrating the things we were supposed to outgrow... but didn't!

Geek Icon: A cool little site by a cool geeky iconic chick, ARJ!

Tabbycat's Littlerbox: Who can resist a tabbycat? A fun site by a fun geeky chick!

Subgenius 3D: Nitrozac added this cool link to the Popess Lilith von Fraumench's Subgenius Art Gallery's 3D section. Get yer red/blue glasses out!

unix slut \yoo'niks-slut\, n. ; a woman so driven by a need for information on and skills in UNIX, she uses her body and/or feminine influence to seduce knowledge from the hands of techs and system administrators.

Dori Smith's Home Page

Female Nerd

Computer Nerd Girl


Lisa Michaud's Home Page

Dating Advice for Geeks


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