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Some Advantages of Dating a Geek
By K’roh (Of the House of Moglok)

It is a widely accepted notion that geeks are hopeless dates. Myself, I don’t believe this for one nano-second, so I’m writing here to de-bunk this modern myth.
I am the first one to admit that geeks are rarely examples of Olympian physical perfection. They do however possess superior intelligence, and as such, they themselves recognize that they are at a disadvantage in the physical arena. Consequently, they try harder to please, and you will be the beneficiary of all this trying :-)
But what people really want in a mate, the thing that truly makes a relationship last, is a mind-stimulating companion. It is in this category that the geek stands above all. For instance, on a romantic star-lit evening, it is the geek who can point out that the stars actually have colour, show you the Red Giants in the sky, or perhaps explain the origins of Cassiopeia, making the night sky so much more magical. While out on a picnic in the park, it is the geek that can tell you the names of every bird and their mating rituals, and the geek who will not only pick you a wildflower bouquet, but recite the names of each lovely flower.
At the risk of sounding superficial, geeks are fabulous gift-givers. They will stealthily observe what your heart’s desire is, then scrimp and save their geek-o-bucks so that you might receive that G3 laptop for Valentine’s Day! Oh yeah, Baby! And on a practical note, it is the geek that can groom your new computer to purring perfection while you’re out doing a food-run!
There is a glitch in the Geek Dating scene, one that threatens a geek’s natural and instinctive love of efficiency. Countless hours can be wasted on searching for the right geek mate, only to find out that they have a characteristic that is completely unacceptable. (They may be hostile to your preferred Operating System for instance.) This is why Geek Culture® has devised the time and relationship-saving dating assistant, the Virtual Geek-Mate-Date Card™.
You would not believe the success I’ve had meeting geeky soul mates using these humourous and brilliantly simple web-based introductions! By exchanging these cool e-Cards, you each will have, at your fingertips, all the geeky characteristics of the other, and you both can make an informed decision on whether or not to continue the dating/mating rituals.
‘Nuff said. You will never know unless you try, so you go geek!


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