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The action is nonstop as our players fight to control Bill's head!
(Recommended settings: 800x 600 monitor or greater, 256 colors)

In this game, there are few rules. Move your geeky body left and right with your mouse and try to keep Bill's head away from your side's Plasma Field.

This is the "net". Try to get Bill's head into your opponent's Plasma Field! It will create a feedback loop, adding points to your score!

Try to pass Bill's head up to your teammate, but most of all, watch out for those rebounds!

Whoever reaches 100 points first wins The Cup!

This is you:
A rookie, fresh from the minor league geeks, but all heart. Do you have what it takes to play with the professionals?
The Geek! Your Teammate:
Obi-Wan Eric Raymond:
He may look harmless, do not underestimate the power of the Open Source!
The Prophet!

Your Opposition:
The Man! The Bird! The Chick!
Steve "Reality Distortion" Jobs:
Never underestimate the King of Comebacks. He has the legs, and the sheer force of will to not only keep in the game, but to define how it's played.
"Tux" Linux Penguin:
Young and new to the scene, a formidable challenge to the old guard!
Janet "Slap shot" Reno:
Perhaps the League's most dangerous player. She has the power, knows how to handle herself, and is not afraid to battle it out with the big boys!

and finally... the star of our show...

Bill "the Puck" Gates:
Ever slippery, never stopping, always setting the pace. The geek everybody likes to kick around, but without him there's no game!

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