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Customer Comments!

We've had a ton of wonderful responses from our customers, and wanted to share some with you.

From Brian...

"Awesome thanks a lot. If there's a place where I can rate you for service or anything please let me know. Best service I have ever dealt with. Thanks a ton!!!!!"

Thank you Brian! :-D


I wanted to take a second to provide some positive feedback on the end to end experience with Geek Culture. I had some questions answered via email before I ordered, the response was quite fast and I was happy with the details. I was impressed with how fast the order came, a couple days ahead of my expectation. However, the real reason I am taking the time to write is to recognize the extremely high quality look and feel of the hats. Unlike other propeller hats that I checked out (in person and online) the Geek Culture caps are **VERY NICE** and just by the feel of the fabric in my hand I know they will last as long or longer than my other hats (some of which are approaching 10 years!).

Thank you for providing an excellent quality product and getting it shipped to me so quickly!! I am actually going to go back on GC and check around to see if there is anything else I might "need" given what a good experience I have had with you. When my buddies ask where I got the hats I'll be sure to explain that they want to get theirs only from GC because of the quality alone.

I would rate Geek Culture an 11 out of 10. I can do that... I'm a geek. (and a fellow Canadian!)

Thanks again,


Wow, thanks Greg!


Hey Folks,

I love, love, love my beachball beanie with the black propellor! I'm a 53 y/o woman who's shaving her head for the charity St. Baldrick's on 2/25/2012. I will have your hat in my hands and will slap it on my head as soon as I'm hairless... But, almost as wonderful as the hat was the tissue wrapping, stick-on stars and ribbon. What a wonderful touch and most appreciated!

Thank you kindly. You Rock!


Eva, *you* are wonderful!


This one freshly in... from Germany!


Many thanks for your propeller Beanice has received!
I am very satisfied ... great!
Propeller Hat Beanice SUPER .... AAAAAA ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!
Thank you nice .....!

Best greetings from Germany,


Thanks Clemens! :-D

If there is any possibility to get this shipped the same day -- My father in law proposed to his wife with the beanie cap 50 years ago - we hope to celebrate this with your cap on May 17th. Thank you for your time and assistance - have a great day!!!

So of course we shipped that special beanie that very day!

And here's the Followup!
A little while ago I ordered a beanie cap with a propeller... And asked if there was any possibility of processing the order soon because we were using this for a 50th wedding anniversary --

My father in law wore a beanie cap on their first date.

We all went out to dinner -- and the beanie cap
Was presented as a special delivery. ----

I wanted to let you know it was a big hit!!!! He wore the hat the entire dinner --- and thought it was FABULOUS. Thanks for going the extra mile -- it was very appreciated -- and it was a wonderful hit!!!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!

Heya Snaggy:
Just got the cap and pin in.
Nice delivery time; Great packaging , Killer presentaion of product and best of all - the order was exactly as requested! You're few and far between. Well done fer' sure!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank much and thanks again.

Awesome, thanks Gordon!

Hi Nitrozac and Snaggy,
What a beautiful morning! While I was shaving, the postman rang and gave me a nice little packet with many exotic stamps and stickers and marks…and even if I already knew what was inside I was really happy when I pull the beanie out of the smiley-paper (thank you for this nice packing!) and even more when I tried it in front of a mirror and made the prop spinning with a hairdryer J
The cap fits perfectly, I liked it immediately! And the prop is really easily rotatable…
Thank you very much for providing this world with a smile!

Now that made US smile! :-D
I just wanted to say thank you!
I just received my happy mac hat in the mail.
It had an awesome stamp of a moose, moose are cool.
Then I opened the box, and I found HAPPY STICKERS!
Thank you so much for the happy stickers!
They totally made me smile and giggle with joy!
I knew I was gong to receive a well-made and excellent hat!
I opened the paper, and there is was, the holy grail of mac iconery!
The Happy Mac! It now adorns my head wherever I go and I've had many, many people comment that they liked it and wanted to know where I found such a delightful article of headwear. Of course, I proudly told them Geek Culture (.com)

Thank you the hat, and the wrapping and the stickers and the moose.

I wanted to send you a letter because I was so pleased with my new hat. :-D Thank you. And Thank You for creating a fantastic comic I have read faithfully for as long as I can remember!

Thank you and take care,

Wow! That email made us very HAPPY! Thanks Carl!

Hi Snaggy!
My tee arrived today!
You two have outdone yourself with this one....finally, a shirt for the girl geeks! I feel so special. And, oh my, the wrapping!

More, please! Would love a baby Tubes Rock tee.. still wear mine all the time, but it's almost time to replace it. Can barely see Nitrozac's signature anymore.

Thanks again to you both.

Thanks Trish! Your wish is our command! We now offer Tubes Rock in Baby Tees!! :-)

I was out of town this past weekend, and I wanted to drop you a line. The tshirts arrived on Valentine's Day, and the extra care taken in packing them (wrapped in tissue paper, done up in a ribbon, heart stickers) did not go unnoticed. The shirts are beautiful...and the 4XL did the trick...plenty of room! Thanks for all the extra legwork on the order. You rank a 10 here, and I've already gotten several positive comments on the shirts...and I've referred 'em to your site!

Much future success,

Hello --
I recently purchased a couple of Tubes Rock t-shirts and some buttons. When I opened the bubble-wrap lined manila envelope I found the t-shirts neatly ensconced in black tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. What a marvelously nostalgic form of packaging! Japanese culture reveres presentation as an integral part of product delivery, but it is rare to see a North American company pay attention to anything but the functionality of its packaging.
Or maybe the wrapping was just a remnant of Christmas cheer and not standard practice.... Whatever. I enjoyed it...

I'm so glad you liked the product and the packaging! I've been wrapping our T-shirts in tissue and tying them with a ribbon and a little sticker since the very beginning. At first, of course, we didn't have as many orders as we do now, but our customers really enjoy the presentation and have told us, so no matter how many orders I have to pack, I do the tissue wrap. I think of it as a "thank you" to those who support us. :)

It really does add a nice touch. When I got my package I couldn't help but smile -- it was sort of like getting a present that you weren't expecting. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it made my day.

Thanks Dennis! You just made our day. :-)

Here's a great email from our fave TooTall Blondes!
Hey there...

We've received our posters and membership cards and kitchen magnets and we love everything. Really. We're lookin' for frames for the posters, and they're goin' up in our living room. hehehehe. The magnets are already up.


kate and barbara
Here's a really nice email from RudeBeamer...
I would just like to take my time to say Thank You. I recieved your package today, along with about 6 others. As i was going through the packages. I noticed the HUGE decline of quality in every company i had ordered from. Wrong size shirts, see through shirts, home-made ink-jet printer Iron On shirts, i was gaining a large pile of sh*t is what i was getting! then i came to your package. When i opened it, i immediately smiled at the individually wrapped merchandise, along with a ribbon. Everything was perfect and exactly what i expected. So Thank You Geek Culture.

Here's a fabulous email from Packy!
Hello Nitrozac

I just wanted to thank you again for yet another great T-shirt. I speak of course of the Tubes Rock! Shirts. I've had mine now for about three weeks(?!!) and I must say they are fantastic! I couldn't decide on just one style so I was forced to get both the regular one and the glow in the dark style and I am so impressed with the quality.

The best additions to my wardrobe of late have honestly been my After Y2K shirts. Thanks again for making your work available. And also thanks again for the ribbon on the shirts. I really love that. I was a bit nervous that these shirts might not have that little (but significant) touch, and I was quite delighted when I opened the package and saw the ribbon. You're great Nitrozac!

Okay I have to go now since I think I am gushing.

Thanks again Nitrozac.


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