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Wild Things
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Guest review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
(no, not *that* Jon Katz!)

Denise Richards and Neve Campell are stunning in their portrayall of two completely different walks of life in this cunning ever-plot-twisting mystery. However, those two beauties aren't the entire cast; Kevin Bacon (who also helped to direct and produce this movie) as well as Matt Damon also provide the viewer with strong characters to watch on screen.

The movie starts out as a simple, very plausable story between attractive guidance counselor and an attractive student. Through the trial and other plot twists, very sinister plans are revealed. I refuse to comment any further, but the ending was shocking and amazing.

Many paradigms and symbols of yuppie-scum society are fairly represented in this film-- the elitism of the yacht club, local school, and other class divisions are well-portrayed. The scenery (aside from Neve and Denise's) of Florida is excellent. In the end, the "social injustice" is undone.

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