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The Truman Show is a fabulous movie. It explores what it would be like if a full-blown paranoid psychosis were actually valid. Truman is the star of huge soap opera but he doesn’t know it. He lives in a quaint town called Seahaven. His family and friends are actors, playing supporting roles. He believes he is a normal man, living a normal life. All of his emotions are genuine, yet his environment is controlled and manipulated by the creators of the Truman Show. This is the cruelest worldwide conspiracy anyone could imagine, and geeks do love a conspiracy.

Not everything is perfect. Some bloopers happen to tip off Truman. First, he falls in love with an extra who he is not supposed to. Then, a studio light falls from the sky above labeled with a star name right in front of his house. He tunes into a radio frequency by accident which is actually the crew following his actions and preparing for him. The biggest clue is when he bumps into his long dead Dad on the street. With these clues he begins to suspect something very strange and very big is going on. He desperately tries to leave Sea haven but is blockaded at every turn.

The technology in this film is awesome, and somehow believable. Sea haven is a charming little town, complete with a shoreline and beach. The town is enclosed in a dome and the elements are computer controlled. The computer controlled weather system has a scene, and you get a very good look at the interface, which is a touch-screen soundboard. You “slide” the “switch” with your finger. Cool. There are tiny spy cameras in every nook and cranny. The entire production is operated by a couple of Head Geeks, some crew, and the “Creator”.

Let’s talk about those Head Geeks. I would say they are pretty good examples of the Show-Production-Techie Geek. There’s a skinny one, who munches pizza occasionally, (one slow chewing bite at a time) and a chubby one who has a conscience after all. Both are hunched over computers, or commenting on Truman like subdued Beavis and Buttheads. There is a scene that reminds one of the NASA control room geeks during a successful launch. There is the same nail-biting, suspense, and finally hand-slapping exuberance.

After watching this film you question yourself as to whether or not you would watch a show like the Truman Show, knowing that invasion of privacy is wrong. It’s like those homecams that are so popular on the internet, you check in just to see what’s happening right now to a total stranger. Except, the homecam people know that they are on the internet for all to see. The beauty of the Truman Show is that he is unaware of his broadcast life, it’s horrible, and yet a person is hooked on what happens next.

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