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South Park
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Guest Review by the Mysterious Mr. R.

This movie is great for South Park fans, but geeks, unless your date is a South Park fan do not take her/him to this movie.

The movie sticks to the TV show's formula for success: make fun of celebrities and shock the hell out of viewers. The movie format allow them to go further into grossness then television.

The plot is the usual... Basically the boys go to see a shocking Terrence and Philip (they're Canadian) movie. They come out using extremely foul language. They sing hit songs like "You're an Unclefucker".

Kyle's Mom goes on her usual crusade. Eventually a war breaks out between the U.S.A. and Canada. Somehow Satan and Saddam Hussein appear on the scene.

The movie has some great geeky moments. Bill Gates gets a military execution for his Windows 98. The guys go on the internet and find porn. We learn that the entrance to heaven is the same as for a restricted website.

There are great moments for South Park fans. We get to see Kenny without his hood. We also learn about whether there is an afterlife for Kenny. Cartman is a good as ever.

The only criticism of the movie is that it is the most blatant use of profanity and vulgarity for its own sake and the sake of winning free publicity. Sounds like one of Nitrozac's cartoons... just kidding Nitro!

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