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Will Hunting is a Geek-In-Hiding. This is a story about a genius, a genius that is in the league Albert Einstein, played by Matt Damon. This movie, however, is not genius, even though it received an Academy Award. It actually defies all genius power to follow its logic!

Here we have a mathematician genius that is discovered by an MIT professor. No, he isn’t a student, no scholarships, he’s the janitor. While mopping the floors one day at MIT the genius solves “unsolvable” math problems on the hallway chalkboard. He figures out these problems as fast as some of us figure out how much tip money we have to leave the waitress at a restaurant. As the janitor guy, our genius likes to bust heads, swig beer, pick up chicks, you know, hang out with his buds, which includes Ben Affleck! He just can’t keep out of jail, and he lives in Kenny’s house (Southpark). As the genius, he likes to out-talk whiz kids, read books in his bare-bulb room, and solve math problems.

An MIT professor notices him as the mysterious math problem solver in the hallway, and quickly takes him under his wing, or shall I say, under his skinny scarf, and tries to guide him to a more promising life. The genius punk, who is now on parole, has to engage in therapy sessions with Robin Williams. Robin Williams swears a lot in this film, and it really doesn’t suit him. The genius is also embarking on a delightful relationship with a Harvard student, played by Minnie Driver. Needless to say, he is a nightmare boyfriend, I don’t know how she put up with his crap! The genius also likes to drink with his beer buddies every night, and act like a Neanderthal whenever possible. This all just doesn’t make sense to me. To be a mathematical genius, you have to do something to be that way. The only thing Matt Damon is trying hard to do is belch on demand!

While on a break from his new job of sledge hammering, the genius has a heart-to-heart with his beer buddy. He tells him that he is rotting his wonderful brain, and that’s such a loser thing to do. With all the changes in his life; girlfriend leaving to California, therapy with Robin Williams, and encouragement from the MIT Prof., the genius goes for it, and makes an effort to change his life.

There are just too many gaps in this film, the writing is obviously a product of an angry-young-man’s mind. If he were a genius, he would be consumed by it, he would be naturally figuring out algorithms or whatever it is that geniuses do. Mathematicians, are very geeky people, he did not possess any of the geeky qualities that geeks have. I’m not talking about calculators in belt holsters, I’m talking about scholarships, internships, academic awards, computers, obsessiveness, pizza, you know! He was a condescending thug! Sure, geeks have beer buddies, but geeks don’t revolve their universes around them, get real!

Watch for the MIT glee club, it’s really a nice touch.

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