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(the remake)

Godzilla starts out with a very nice homage to its Japanese roots, very nice. Best of all, the hero is a geek! Yes, and he gets the girl too! So, I guess this movie isn’t so bad!

The Geek is played by Mattew Broderik, he’s a geeky scientist studying the radioactive effects of earthworms in Chernobyl. Big, scary military officials cart him off to look at some giant footprints in Panama (Q. Why did Godzilla cross Panama?....A. To get to the other side.). Meanwhile, in New York, the Geek’s ex-girlfriend, Audrey, (played by Maria Pitillo) is the biggest blonde bimbo working in News biz and is hoping for her big break. She bops around, being nice at first, then is told that she isn’t getting anywhere in life because she is too nice. She spots her geeky ex on the screen and plans to use him to further her career – what a nice bitch!

The Geek is having to prove himself time and time again. He is getting sexually harrassed by his boss, no one is taking him seriously, and they keep calling him the “worm guy”. They brought him on board to hear what he has figured out (he is always right) and then, dismiss him as nuts. Enter the blonde bimbette, she rips off his top secret video cassette, edits it and hands it in as her news story, which gets ripped off by someone else. She is looking at the clip and says, “maybe I should’ve worn my hair back?” – Geesh! The geek goes about his business not realizing he’s got a knife firmly lodged in his back until he is at a meeting with all the important people and his video footage comes up on the evening news. He’s fired. Enter the secret French police (they are to blame for the whole thing, and they want make things right). He joins forces with them, because they believe his expert opinion that Godzilla has a nest in New York City. Yeah, it’s hidden too, in Madison Square Gardens, so hidden.

The movie goes on, in a tight Hollywood formula, Godzilla is proven dead at least twice. Hundreds of little Godzillas hatch before their eyes, and they narrowly escape. Just as they finished off the babies, mommy comes by to check things out, is she ever pissed!

Godzilla him/herself was a fine piece of computer-animation-craftsmanship. The effects were very impressive. I loved the shots of Godzilla nipping at helicopters and running around the city. (I think audiences are getting spoiled by the latest advances of computer animation technology.) I have to commend the makers of Godzilla for taking Hollywood up another notch in Monster movie effects.

But most of all, for making a Geek the star and hero of Godzilla.

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