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Full Metal Jacket

Guest review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
(no, not *that* Jon Katz!)

This is an excellent story of a geek's trip to Viet Nam as a Marine.

The movie starts off in basic training. Matthew Modine (Private Joker, our hero and geek) bares his smart-ass attitude and intellect to Sgt. Hartman (the drill instructor) and winds up eventually as squad leader. Being in charge, he learns that he is responsible for the bottom of the pack (Private Pyle, played by Vincet D'Onofrio.) Joker learns that benevelence doesn't always pay off, and is then shipped off to the front lines.

Once in Nam, Joker learns of the injustices of war, and how unfriendly a place the real world can be.

As Kubrick is good at doing, through the uce of cinematography, he brings the viewer right up front for stunning shots both at the front lines and through basic training.

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