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Eyes Wide Shut
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Guest review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
(no, not *that* Jon Katz!)
Just because you get to see Nicole Kidman in something resembling the "Money Shot" doesn't make this movie all that.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star in a what only could be construed as a sexual thriller. The movie chronicles the torment of jealousy that Tom Cruise faces after learning his wife was less than faithful. Over the three-four day period that the movie takes place, the viewer gets to see Tom Cruise put on the masks of rage, anger, jealousy, joy and fear.

Cinemagraphically the movie, (as are all Kubrick movies) is perfect. Every single shot and scene convey exactly what Kuibrick wanted to the viewer to see. Even though the film was shot in England, every scene that takes placein Manhattan looks like it was filmed there.

However, the movie was *long*. The plot seemed to drag on without a point in certain places. I'd like to think that the movie wasn't fully edited at the time of Kubrick's death, and that it was an unfinished work. That's the only way which I can think of which would explain why something that Kubrick directed would drag on as such. Go to this movie to see fantastic movie making, but not the most fantastic movie.

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