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Geek Culture Reviews!

Have a cool product? Do you want an independent, honest, and professional review of your product? If so, then Geek Reviews is just the thing!

Besides being straightforward, informative, and honest, our reviews will include great photos of your products, all the specs, ordering information, and links back to your Web site.

You can't find a better audience to feature your products to than right here! Geeks, by their very nature, are always interested in reading about and getting new hardware. Our reviews also link back to our Review forums, a great place to get some honest feedback from real users.

What will Geek Culture review?
Essentially, anything intended for the computer market, but we tend to prefer Mac stuff since that is what we work with day in/day out. We will review all kinds of hardware and geeky accessories like desktop computers, laptop computers, hand-helds, printers, monitors, mouses, joysticks, and removable storage devices.

We will *grudgingly* return the products if requested and if return shipping costs are provided. Please note that the hardware review process often includes opening the device up to see how it's built and other similar non-recommended activities. Likewise, packaging boxes are commonly scuffed during shipping or ripped to shreds in the rush to open the cool product! We will do everything we can to keep the reviewed product in perfect condition, but we can accept no responsibility for any damage caused by shipping and handling.

What if your product ...um, ...sucks?
Geek Culture's review will be totally and completely honest , and if we think your product really isn't all that good, we will say so in our review. Of course, if we think your product rocks, we will say so too.

So what are you waiting for? Email Geek Culture with the details of your product, and we'll arrange to review it ASAP!

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